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Review of the updated purple mattress

Today, we're doing a review of the updated purple mattress. So, they took the original bed as they made some changes and came up with this product. I think it's going to work perfectly for this bed specifically. So, what we'll do is that we will cover all the things you need to know about it but we're going to really focus on who it's best for and who we think it might not be best for that'll be towards the end of the video. So, I hope you can gauge how much what we put into our videos, how hard we work. If that's the case, we would really appreciate a thumbs up. And by the way, you know with all the purple beds we've done full reviews of them with the original bed with the hybrid beds and their coils. We've done tons and tons of content with them, check here.


We'll put the reviews down Below in the description with other related comparisons and stuff. There's a lot to look down there. Sometimes not always we do find deals on purple mattresses, but you can also check down below in the description for that as well. All right let's get to it. So, if you do buy the original purple mattress some of the policies that come with it, I'll go through these quickly, right and they're right here on the screen. So free shipping a 190-day test window. So, to try it out at your home, if you like it great and keep it, you know obviously, that's the goal if you don't like it though. There is also a relief for your returns inside that test window like somebody will come and pick it up. You should get all your money back.


 It comes with a 10-year warranty as well. So that's all the policy stuff as far as the bed is concerned. It actually has a relatively simple to understand construction though. It is a construction that you'll not see on any other mattress. So, it's about like nine and a half inches thick. It has two layers of foam at the bottom. So, its dense support or on the bottom that's just polyfoam and then in the center, it has a transitional layer of foam, so you can feel the denser foam but still you have some more, you know support underneath and then the top layer is two inches of elastic polymer. But the gist of what you need to know is you will see this on all the purple beds. It's you know the secret stuff that they are hiding under their belts.